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La Quadrature du Net

La Quadrature du Net est une organisation de défense des droits et libertés des citoyens sur Internet. Elle promeut une adaptation de la législation française et européenne qui soit fidèle aux valeurs qui ont présidé au développement d’Internet, notamment la libre circulation de la connaissance.

À ce titre, la Quadrature du Net intervient notamment dans les débats concernant la liberté d’expression, le droit d’auteur, la régulation du secteur des télécommunications ou encore le respect de la vie privée.

Elle fournit aux citoyens intéressés des outils leur permettant de mieux comprendre les processus législatifs afin d’intervenir efficacement dans le débat public.

Articles les plus récents

Terrorist regulation: first assessment and next steps

jeudi 6 juin 2019 par marne — Censorship
On Wednesday, April 17th, the European Parliament adopted on first reading the Regulation on online “terrorist content” censorship. By a very small majority, it refused to defend us against political censorship or to protect the…

Regulating the Internet through decentralization

mercredi 5 juin 2019 par marne — Censorship
The copyright directive and the recent debates on “fake news” have served as an introduction to the general debate on Web regulation that will be happening next year. Today, La Quadrature du Net presents its…

[SecurityWeek] Group Seeks Investigation of Deep Packet Inspection Use by ISPs

European Digital Rights (EDRi), together with 45 NGOs, academics and companies across 15 countries, has sent an open letter to European policymakers and regulators, warning about widespread and potentially growing use of deep packet (...)

[BoingBoing] European telcos want the right to perform “deep packet inspection” on our data

Today 45 NGOs, Academics and Companies from 15 countries released an open letter outlining the dangers of the wide-spread use of privacy invasive Deep Packet Inspection technology in the European Union. The letter is referencing…

[TheAtlantic] Why Surveillance Is the Climate Change of the Internet

mercredi 29 mai 2019 par datafoin — Press, press review, Privacy - Personal Data
The Atlantic podcast Crazy/Genius returns to explain how privacy became the most important idea on the internet—and why it’s still so confusing. […] “I think privacy is the wrong way to describe the issue we face in…

Hearing against the Privacy Shield before the General Court of the EU!

vendredi 24 mai 2019 par marne — Surveillance
The United States’ surveillance regime will be re-examined by European judges. After 3 years of proceedings, the hearing in our case against the “Privacy Shield” has finally been set to the 1st and 2nd of…

[NBCNews] Millions of people uploaded photos to the Ever app. Then the company used them to develop facial recognition tools

dimanche 12 mai 2019 par datafoin — Press, press review, Privacy - Personal Data
What isn’t obvious on Ever’s website or app — except for a brief reference that was added to the privacy policy after NBC News reached out to the company in April — is that the photos people…

[ZDNet] EU votes to create gigantic biometrics database

samedi 11 mai 2019 par datafoin — Press, Surveillance, press review, Privacy - Personal Data
EU Parliament green-lights the creation of the Common Identity Repository (CIR), a gigantic biometrics database. […] Ever since plans to create this shared biometrics database have been made public last year, privacy advocates have criticized the (...)

Privacy for the Weak, Transparency for the Powerful

vendredi 3 mai 2019 par benjamin — Censorship
2010, WikiLeaks publishes the logs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Collateral Murder video, and, to top it off, 300,000 US diplomatic cables exposing, among others things, war crimes in a world of global…

Last chance for European Parliament to reject mass censorship

mardi 16 avril 2019 par arthur — Censorship
Tomorrow, the 17th April, the whole European Parliament will vote on the Anti-terrorism Regulation. This Regulation would enable mass, unchecked and political censorship as well as destroying the free and open Web (read our complete…

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