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mercredi 21 mars 2007 par Pahure

Un besoin de certification se fait sentir. LoLiTa a-t-elle vocation à devenir un organisme de certification naturel des usagers de produits libres ? Quelques pistes à compléter

Quelques pistes à compléter :

D’après Certifications Galore, But Not All Target the Enterprise

Of the various key enterprise distributions, only Red Hat and Novell have training and certification programs that target enterprises and large organizations as key customers. Red Hat just added a new capstone certification to its set of offerings, so that interested parties can now pursue three different credentials, all of which use performance-based testing :

* Red Hat Certified Technician : The RHCT is an entry-level, core Red Hat system administrator credential. A single three-hour exam is required. * Red Hat Certified Engineer : The RHCE is an intermediate- to senior-level Red Hat system and network administrator credential. A single five-and-a-half-hour exam is required. * Red Hat Certified Architect : The RHCA is a senior-level Red Hat administrator credential that specifically targets system deployment and management in large enterprise environments. Five exams are required for this credential, each of which is offered following the final day of a four-day training class. The RHCE is a prerequisite.

Because the costs of obtaining an RHCA run from $3,745 to more than $17,000 (for those who also take the recommended training), it’s clear that it really is an enterprise credential. But since RHCE remains a coveted Linux certification, the RHCA also should do reasonably well.

Novell currently offers two Linux certifications based on its SUSE platform :

* Certified Linux Professional : The Novell CLP is a basic entry-level certification for aspiring Linux system administrators. Passing a demanding four-hour performance based exam is required to obtain this cert. LPIC-1 from the Linux Professional Institute is a recommended precursor to this certification.

* Certified Linux Engineer : The Novell CLE is a new version based on SUSE Linux 9, and requires candidates to pass a grueling one-day performance-based exam that covers advanced enterprise server administration skills. The CLP is a prerequisite.

Novell’s certification program is one of the oldest and best around, and both of its Linux credentials are built on its demanding practicum (performance-based) exam format. Early indications are that the program is doing reasonably well.

Linux Enterprise : No Longer an Oxymoron

Though some experts are correct to observe that cost savings drive many enterprises into considering the open-source platform, the amount of effort and skill involved in implementing sound end-to-end solutions on Linux scares at least some candidates away. But an increasing number of enterprises are moving to Linux. Some very large organizations indeed (for example, the Chinese government) are even showing signs of adopting the platform across the board. While additional research and integration of individual components are necessary to build Linux solutions for enterprise use, more and more of these solutions are being built. This suggests strongly that the platform is worth looking into, and worth adopting—at least in some cases.

Depuis le lpi on arrive à indique trois organismes de certification :

Test Center Locator

Linux Professional Institute Testing Test Centers in French Polynesia

API Formation 689 545430

Rue Clappier

Papeete 98713 Spilog Polynesie +689 505010

Immeuble Sarateva

PAPEETE 98715 A2 SYSTEM 689 45 11 69

12 Immeuble Heitiare - Nahoata

BP 51602

Pirae, Tahiti 98716

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