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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 676

dimanche 28 août 2016 par >
This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Reviews: Korora 24 News: Fedora to run Wayland by default, PC-BSD becomes TrueOS, Gentoo loses long-term member, Linux turns 25 Questions and answers: Finding software licensing information Torrent corner: BlackArch Linux, MidnightBSD, SparkyLinux Released last (...)

Distribution Release: Q4OS 1.6.1

samedi 27 août 2016 par >
The Q4OS team has announced the release of a new version of their lightweight, Debian-based distribution. The new version, Q4OS 1.6.1, ships with an updated version of the Trinity (a fork of KDE 3) desktop environment. "The significant Q4OS 1.6 'Orion' release receives the most recent Trinity (...)

Distribution Release: ConnochaetOS 14.2

vendredi 26 août 2016 par >
Henry Jensen has announced the release of a new version of the Slackware-based ConnochaetOS distribution. ConnochaetOS ships with free software (as defined by the Free Software Foundation) exclusively, stripping out binary blobs and replacing proprietary components where possible with freely (...)

République numérique - Quelles avancées ? Quelles limites ? - Radio Libre@Toi

Development Release: Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Beta 1

jeudi 25 août 2016 par >
The upcoming release of Ubuntu 16.10 is getting closer as the developers deliver the first beta build. Five of the official Ubuntu sub-projects participate in the testing - Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu MATE is the first with the release (...)

Distribution Release: LinuxConsole 2.5

jeudi 25 août 2016 par >
Yann Le Doare has announced a new release of LinuxConsole, a lightweight, independent distribution whose editions feature the LXDE and MATE desktop environments. The new release, LinuxConsole 2.5, includes versions 4.1 and 4.4 of the Linux kernel, offers support for booting on UEFI-enabled (...)

Development Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta

jeudi 25 août 2016 par >
Red Hat has announced the release of a new development release of the company's flagship product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The new development snapshot, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta, is now available to Red Hat's customers for testing. The new beta features smart card authentication for (...)

Development Release: FreeBSD 11.0-RC2

mercredi 24 août 2016 par >
The delayed second release candidate for FreeBSD 11.0 is finally out. The problem, as reported on the project's mailing lists last week, was caused by two IPv6-related bugs, both of which have now been resolved. The release announcement provides the usual details: "The second RC build of (...)

Android 7 arrive avant iOS 10

mardi 23 août 2016 par Patrice Andreani — APPS
Google vient de dévoiler la dernière version de son système d'exploitation, Android Nougat (7.0). APPS

La Document Foundation s'allie à la FSF

mardi 23 août 2016 par Patrice Andreani — Revue/Tribunes
Pour favoriser l'adoption de LibreOffice, la Document Fondation et la FSF Europe s'associent. Revue/Tribunes

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